Friday, February 24, 2012

I Love...My Ninja Warrior

Today I Love My Ninja Warrior

See this face?
Isn't it a sweet little angelic face?

He really is the cutest little thing.
But, take one more look at that face.

Because at some point during the night, 
he becomes this.....

Our own personal ninja warrior.

I never thought I'd be a mom who had kids sleeping in her bed with her. But at some point during the night, Luke stealthily makes his way downstairs and climbs in my bed. I would correct it and take him back to his bed.....if only I heard him or felt him get in bed. Most times on those mornings, you can find him with his legs all over Big Daddy, or sometimes even laying on top of his head. He's a CRAZY sleeper. I just usually sleep through it. 

Well, very early this morning, I was shown just what a powerful ninja warrior he is. 

I awoke to Luke talking in his sleep. 
He was making all sorts of funny sounds. 
He was having a sweet little conversation with Lucy.

Then, he said, "Come on Lucy! I'll get him!"

And with his best ninja skills, 
he kicked a mighty kick.

Right into my face.

I laughed and then realized how much my cheek was hurting!

So, today I love that when my little ninja warrior wakes up,
he'll be back to this.

My sweet little angelic Luke.
No more karate chops.

Just my bruised little cheek.

I love him.


Rebecca said...

Oh, how I love that face! You just need to downsize to a queen bed and then there'll literally be no room for him - haha. My kids don't even try to share our bed for fear of being rolled on by one of their parents!

Veronica said...

Queensize?! NEVER! :) It probably would fix it really quick though!!

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