Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I Love...To Create

I Love to Create

To create a beautiful life...


that's a beautiful thing!!

There are so many things about my life that make me happy. 
But, one thing that makes me REALLY happy
are the amazing people who have touched my life.

There's a saying that I love.

I've always felt that. And there are many who have felt it too.
My life has been surrounded by others who have felt that desire...
and then they've actually done something about it!

These are people I admire and love. 
They have been examples to me and have taught me 
that life really is what you create it to be. 

They have been full of surprises and have strength, 
courage, determination and have not been afraid to work hard.


I love THEM!

My Creative Friends!!

I'll just start at the top and work my way from left to right!

Rebecca: My dearest friend from childhood, and one of my dearest friends today. A fantastic artist!! She shows every day that even when life is really hard, you still can create beauty in each day.

Annette: Author of "Class Collision", but has a multitude of musical talents as well. She has created a beautiful life for her family and for every life that touches hers. 

Angela: Owns a darling boutique called Lavender, in Cheyenne, Wyoming. You can check it out at GREAT STUFF!

Heidi Grace: For anyone who scrapbooks, those are the only two words you need to hear. She is unbelievably talented. She's just released a new signature line called Clever Handmade. She's as cute and as talented as they come.

Jerod Tate: buddy from high school in little ol' Laramie, Wyoming. He's now an Emmy Award winning classical composer and I am so very proud of him. His talents go beyond composing, and it's been fun to see him excel.

Tasha: She is a very talented friend who has an etsy shop called You have to look at the cute things she has! So talented! From paper, to embroidery and now she just introduced a new fabric line.....which I LOVE! Her blog:

Lori: My incredibly talented sister, who can do anything she decides to do. Along with working, she also does catering and started a new business called DeVour Cupcakes. She has been one of my greatest examples of never giving yourself the idea that you can't do something. I'd give the link, but she just got hired on as a flight attendant, so cupcakes are on hold!

Melissa: Creativity just ooooozes out of her. She's a beautiful singer, a FANTASTIC hairdresser (I still have not forgiven you for moving away.....and neither has my hair), and she's now busy at work creating beautiful jewelry for her store

Mary: She was also bitten by the music bug and creates beautiful sounds. She released another album back in September and I couldn't be more proud of her. Her music makes me so happy. You can take a listen at

Julie: Another darling singing friend. I love the sound of her voice and I love her. She's talented and beautiful. I still listen to her first cd and love it. She is a cherished friend.

Braden: Author of "The Road Show". He's very talented and a great man. He has the ability to create things using words and I love listening to him speak. He impacts lives every day as the director of theater and choir at a wonderful school.

Alicia: My friend who recently decided to get into the business of creating really yummy things that are really bad for you! She is funny, creative and is a hard worker! I'm proud of her for having a dream and going for it!

Nathan: He is a dear friend. And he is CRAZY CREATIVE. He's an animator for Disney and could create happiness in anyone by just being around him long enough. He's also a very good man and a great friend.

Brittany: Another beautiful singing friend. It's amazing what these people can create with sound. She's got a great voice and a dynamic personality. She's also a drama teacher and in her spare time makes her rounds around Nashville singing her little heart out. She's darling!

John: A good friend and an incredible artist/designer. He's a good man and creates amazing things. He's created a good life and enjoys it with a great family.

Mari: She's very creative, but sometimes I think we look at creativity as being in the arts. She does well in that area, but what she is able to create with people is what has been impressive to me. I love her. She has the ability to bring out the best in anyone she knows. She also just got engaged. I'm excited to watch her continue to create a beautiful life for herself.

Kerri: Isn't she cute? She owns a unique boutique of designer and Japanese fabrics. She also loves to create the most darling projects with just her hands and her sewing machine. Who knew all that creativity was in that tiny little body? I love her! You can check her out at

Melissa: She has created an amazing family. The most important thing there is!! She has worked hard as a mother and has amazing kids. I love and respect her so much for that. She truly has created a beautiful life for her family. And it will have rippling effects for generations.

Why do I love these friends?

Because they have created beautiful lives.

And my life has been touched by each of them.

They are such great examples for our kids. They, and many others have shown that with a little effort and hard work, you can create amazing things if you want. I want our kids to create beautiful lives for themselves. I want them to set some high goals and I hope they'll work hard to reach them!

I will never be an award winning composer and 
I will never be an animator for Disney.

But, in spite of that, I CAN create a beautiful life 
for me and for my family. 

And I can do that using the strengths and talents that are mine. 
Even though they may be somewhat average, 
it's what I have to work with, 
so it will be enough!

Today I'm going to think about some 
fun new ways to keep doing that!

I'm going to continue to create a beautiful life!


Braden said...

How nice!!! That was a much needed pick me up today. Thank you, Veronica.

Kerri said...

What a beautiful blog post!! You are so sweet to include me!! Thanks, Roni!!

Stephanie said...

That was sweet Veronica! I didn't know you knew Annette! Do you remember the Matthews from our stake (Jeremy was Britney's choir buddy)? Mary Matthew, the mom is in my ward and told me all about Annette's book. I'm always dying to read more of her work. She's very talented!

Alicia said...

If only you knew how much of an inspiration you are to me. To have a smile on your face always and to show unconditional love to all you meet. The world needs more people like you!! Love and good vibes sent your way- xoxo

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