Monday, February 20, 2012

I Love...Mr. Pig

I Love the Newest Member of our Family!

This is Penelope, Gus, Charlie, Porky...
Mr. PIG.

We can't agree on a name yet, but he is the newest member of the Blaylock family.

I got this idea off Pinterest.

And if you don't know what Pinterest is.....boy, are you missing out! 

I do believe Big Daddy is preparing to stage an intervention,
but, so far, so good!

My kids will be able to tell you many of my funny quirks.

But, one of my pet peeves that they would all talk about
is when they smack their food.

You might as well put bamboo under my fingernails.

I don't know why, but that sound makes me crazy.

I have taught, I have reminded, I have come close to begging at times.

But, these darling kids get so excited to eat my delicious food that they can't help themselves!

Well, I was browsing Pinterest one day and found this idea. I've tried to find the original link, but couldn't find it again. It reminded me of my own mom when I was growing up.

I remember one night, some of the kids had horrible table manners. My mom reminded, she asked, but it continued. So, my mom took charge. She made the guilty ones (I won't say any names, but I'm sure it wasn't any of us refined and perfect girls) get up from the table, get down on the floor and crawl around the table oinking like pigs.


Needless to say, I'm pretty sure we all made an effort to improve our manners.

That leads me to our pig.

hee hee hee...

I let my kids know that Mr. Pig will be joining us. If they get caught by someone using bad manners, they get to enjoy the company of Mr. Pig. To get rid of the precious pig, someone else has to be caught using bad manners. If you have Mr. Pig at the end of dinner, you get a little extra chore to do. I haven't even had to make the chore really yucky. Just the fact that they have to do ANYTHING has been enough of an incentive to make them stop and think.

It's a MIRACLE!!

This silly little plastic pig has done more for improving the manners
in our home than years of teaching, asking and reminding.

All of a sudden, mouths are closed, and I am a very happy mom.

So, today
I love my precious little pig.


Miles said...

We do the same thing! Whomever the pig is looking at after dinner has to clear the table and help with dishes! Works like a charm!

utnicholson said...

That's awesome! I love it!

Kerri said...

what a fabulous idea!! now i need to find a plastic little pig to help my kiddos with manners!! thanks for sharing!! :)

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