Thursday, February 2, 2012

I Love...These Three Boys

These Three Boys


Don't get me wrong, I love our other two boys SO MUCH, but I went to their court of honor last night and was SO proud of them!! 

As you can tell, we love the Boy Scouts! Moses is an Eagle Scout, and these three are well on their way.

I love that they are such good young men.

I love that they make good choices, consistently.

I love that they are so different, yet together they are a powerful force.

I love that they truly love each other.

I love that they talk to us.

I love how creative they are.

I love how funny they are.

I love how compassionate they are.

I love that it's all mixed together with just the right amount of "boy craziness".

I simply love them.

Just like Big Daddy (who is their totally awesome scout master)...they are completely lovable.


On a side note:

I also love that when I took Charity to school today I saw a man on the corner with a sign.

He was well dressed, clean cut and was smiling and waving at every single car that drove by.

His sign said something to the effect of, "Give Your Life To Christ". My brain is not fully functioning yet at that hour in the morning, so I can't remember exactly what it said. But I DO remember what I felt when I saw him wave at me and smile. And I DO remember what I felt when I read his sign.

Here was a simple man, who I'm sure had many other things he could be doing with his time this morning.
Instead he chose to do that.

And I'm glad he did.

I have thought about it all morning. I have thought about what I do in my every day life to show my love, appreciation and dedication to the Lord. It's always something I can improve on.

I LOVE the reminder I got this morning. 

I don't know that man...but I love him.

What do you love?


Unknown said...

Getting an eagle is so understated in my opinion! Having a 9-year old in scouts is hard, I can't imagine the amount of work they do for an eagle! He should be so proud of himself!

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