Sunday, February 26, 2012

Simply Sunday: I Love...Say Something Nice

Today I Love People Who Say Kind Things!

Tonight's post is short and sweet. 
I love kind people. 
I love people who take the time to say something kind.
And I love the difference it makes in my life when they do so.
To say something kind requires such little effort on our part, 
but has the potential to be powerful in the life of the person on the receiving end.

I went in my bedroom tonight and found a very touching handwritten letter, from an incredibly sweet child. 

No big fancy words were used. No beautiful stationary.
But, what that child expressed to me touched my heart in a way that's hard to describe. 

He has no idea.
And I don't know how to adequately let him know what that note meant.

I've had other kind words expressed this week 
by friends who took time out of their lives to do so.

And it has meant so much.

So, today I love kind words.
I love the power that lies in kind words.
I love the thought behind those words.

And that sweet boy?
I love him dearly.


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