Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I Love...These Fighters!

Today I love these fighters!!
They are my heroes.

Facebook has been an amazing thing. 
It has brought me back in touch with so many people who have touched my life at some point. 

It has also made it very easy to follow
 the challenges that many of them face.

The people in this post have all faced,
or are facing, some really tough things.
And I love them so much for the example they are to me 
of courage, faith, determination and strength.

They are fighters. I have watched many of them tackle these hardships head on. I have watched their heartache, yet have seen them turn that heartache into courage. I have seen them have really tough days. Days filled with fear, with sadness, with discouragement, with pain and with unanswered questions. Some live with chronic illnesses, while others fight to live. Some have had to endure heartache that is intense and painful beyond what they could probably explain.

Yet every single person you see, has made a choice to be positive, to have hope, to trust in things unseen, and to make the most of every day.

Because of them, I am stronger. 
I have had only but a small glimpse into many of their challenges, but it has been enough to change me and to make me more grateful for the blessings in my life.

These are my family and my friends. 
Look at their faces. 
Not a sad one in the bunch.
They are inspiring. They are powerful examples.
They are what the human spirit is all about.


I love them.
I love them for enduring life's trials so well.

Thank you, my wonderful friends and family.
You make me want to be better.


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