Tuesday, February 14, 2012

I Love...Valentine's Day

I Love Valentine's Day!!

Of all the days of the year, this is one of my favorites.

I'm a firm believer that the world would be a
better place if we all could be more loving.

I've thought a lot this month about what it means to love.

Love is respect.
Love is kindness.
Love is listening.
Love is forgiving.
Love is giving.
Love is sharing.
Love is being concerned.
Love is being humble.
Love is seeing the best in someone, and overlooking the flaws.

I don't love perfectly, but I love deeply.

Today I love Ricky.
And I will love him every day of my life.
He is my whole world and makes me feel complete.
I love him for how he loves me.
I love him because I know that if I can go through this life with him, I can make it through anything.

I love my kids.
They make my life whole and they make me feel joy every single day.
I love that they make me a better person because of who they are.
I love their determination to do what's right, regardless of what it takes.
I love their deliciously funny personalities.
And I love that they love me.

I love my parents.
They taught me how to love.
And they have loved me.....unconditionally.
I am grateful that even though I'm an adult, they still love me as their child.
They have been, and always will be two of the most influential people in my life.

I love my siblings.
I love that they are more than family. They are my best friends.
I love who they are and am grateful for their examples.
I love that I have the amazing blessing of sharing my life with them.
I love them for still making time in their lives to stay close and keep our family strong.

I love my friends.
I am grateful for good friends, who choose to love me, in spite of me.
I love them for their examples, for their kindness, and for the way they bless my life.
I am so very blessed to go through this life with friends.
It makes it much more fun!!

I love my Father in Heaven and my Savior, Jesus Christ.
I love that I know they are real.
I am grateful to know that they know me and love me.
I am so thankful for how happy my life is because of them.

Thank you to all of you for
making my "ride" so worthwhile.

Happy Valentine's Day!


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