Friday, February 3, 2012

I Love...My Crazies


No disrespect meant...but they are CRAZY!!

And boy do I LOVE them!!

As I was going through pictures the other day, I realized I had so many of my kids making funny faces. 

No one ever said the Blaylock's were normal. least no one who really knows us.

So, today.....I love my crazies. 

I love that they MAKE me crazy.

I love that they have crazy ideas.

I love that they remember really crazy things.

I love that they make crazy sounds.
(well, I don't love ALL the crazy sounds they make, but we'll just leave it at that!)

I love that they think and say crazy things.

For example...

Yesterday one of them said, "You know how toast always lands on the butter side when you drop it? (huh?) Well a cat always lands on it's feet. (ok.....) So, if you tie a piece of toast to a cat, it would land on it's feet and the toast would never land on the ground. EVEN BETTER if you tie a generator to it!"


NOT normal......CRAZY!!


Did I mention that I love them?

Did I tell you how much? 
Because there's no way to describe that.

It's so true.

My home really is where my bunch of crazies are.

Boy are they crazy!

And I absolutely LOVE them.


On a side note:

I love my crazy friends as well. very much.

Surely, if you are reading this, you love something.

Come on...

Can you feel the love?
Share the love!!

Leave a comment and tell what you are loving today!


'Mamma J' said...

I am loving your blog!! I have really loved reading your blogs hearing about your immediate family and your extended. I would love to be on your blog list when you figure out your "blog issues".

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