Sunday, March 17, 2013

Simply Sunday: Love One Another

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This weekend we had beautiful weather. 
It was perfect.

And in spite of having strep throat, my little cuties
just HAD to play outside. 
I'm sure the fresh air was good for them.

They had the most fun riding an electric motorcycle. 
They actually have two different ones, but today they decided they wanted to be together on the same one.
They were so fun to watch.

As I watched them, I realized something that kept happening over and over again.
Luke kept making sure that Lucy LuLu was holding on tight. 

EVERY TIME before he would start to go, he would reach down and gently pull her hands together and make sure she was hanging on tight.

He did this

I watched my young little son show his sister such great love.
And I don't think he was even aware he was doing it.
He was doing it without even thinking about it. 

I am so thankful to be the mother of such great little people. 

I'm grateful for Luke.

I'm grateful that he loves his Lucy.

Loving one another really is everything.