Thursday, February 23, 2012

I Love...Random Things

I Love All Sorts of Random Things!

I was sitting here today and thinking about what I love.

So many things came to mind.

Most of them are little things.

I love the way Luke and Lucy smell after a bath.
I also love the smell of my big boys.
.....well, most of the time.

I love that when I tell those big boys to go do their homework, 
they can't help but wrestle and attack each other first.
And I love the girly yells that make their way downstairs.

I love my college kids.
I love the little texts I get from them.
I love that Moses comes home when he can.
And I love waking up to see him sleeping. 

I love that Hannah makes such an effort to 
stay connected with home.
And I love that she values her relationships with 
each one of us individually.

I love that I live close to Sonic.
hee hee hee
Now, only if I lived close to my mom 
so she could have a soda with me.

I love that Keely and Charity have a special relationship.
I love that they need each other.
I love that they enjoy being together.
They have all sorts of funny inside jokes and it makes them close.
I love that.

I love Skinny Cow Sugar Free ice cream sandwiches. 

I love Resinol diaper rash ointment!
If you are a mom of a baby.....THIS is for you.
You have to ask for it from the pharmacist, 
but it's worth the extra effort.

I love the phone call I got yesterday from my sister Jenny.
She's having another baby......and I'm so very happy for her.
And yes, we laughed.

I love that I have good friends, who I know would do anything for me if I needed them.
I love that they can make me laugh when I really don't feel like I can.

I love my sister Britney.
She is beautiful and talented.
But, best of all she almost always answers the phone when I call.
She always has the best ideas and is always willing to share.

And I love that my sister Lori calls me every morning on her way to the gym.
Except this morning!
Where was my phone call Lori?

I love that Big Daddy buys me flowers.
And I love that they aren't roses.
Nothing against you "rose" girls, but I'd much rather have these.
Flowers make me so happy.
And when you combine them with anything chocolate-raspberry, 
Well, that's just amazing!

I love all the little things that make life wonderful.
They help the not-so-wonderful things seem a lot better!


Miles said...

Ah, daisies.. The friendly flower (seen the movie, you've got mail with Meg Ryan?). Your heart is always so full! I love that!

Crystal Bergman said...

I love Daisy also, one of my favorites. I love seeing my girls do sweet sister things. I also love reading your love posts, almost makes me want to write my own and then I remember I have a baby that brings me a book every 2 minutes and that will have to be my love posts for now.

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