Tuesday, February 28, 2012

I Love...Love Bombs

Today I Love Dropping Love Bombs!
What is a "Love Bomb"?

I ran across this website and was instantly intrigued.

Every week, people are nominated to receive "Love Bombs". 
These are people who are struggling with 
different challenges in their lives. 
And each Thursday, you receive an email with an introduction of the recipient of that week's "Love Bomb". 

They share a link to this person's blog, and all you have to do is go leave an uplifting and encouraging comment. 


Last week, we were sent to a blog post that was written by a 20-something young lady who just learned that her mother had days to live. Her blog post that day was a very touching letter to her mom.

So, we all dropped our "Love Bombs".

Hundreds of comments of love and support 
were left on her blog page.
And the best part was that she had no idea it was coming.

The week before was a young mom who was trying to stay courageous and strong as she helped her young child battle a horrible disease.

So, we all dropped our "Love Bombs".

I believe that life is short.
And I believe that any little thing we can do to make a difference really does matter.

The best thing about dropping a "Love Bomb" is 
that it literally takes less than 5 minutes.

We all have good intentions.
And yet this is so simple and easy.

You can do it!

Lives are changed, spirits are lifted and people are encouraged, 
one "Love Bomb" at a time!


It's so easy.

Go to this link and sign up.
All they need is your name, email, city and state.

I don't believe that any of my "Love Bombs" make any grand difference on their own.
But, combined with hundreds of others, I believe it can.

Today, I love that I can get involved.
Today, I love that I can try to make a difference.

I love "Love Bombs"!


Crystal Bergman said...

What an amazing idea! I signed.

Britney said...

I signed up

Veronica said...

Have you guys been doing the Love Bomb? Isn't it fun?

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