Tuesday, February 7, 2012

I Love...Being Sick...NOT!

Well, I would say that I love feeling sick, but I can't.

So, today I love that I have a doctor who is easy to get into.

I love that only one child has strep.

I love that even though I feel like a truck hit me, that I will feel better.

I love that medication is easily accessible. 

And I love that when you feel yucky, you appreciate the times when you are well.


I love the winners of the giveaway.

I have to admit though...

I drew the 10 names, and then felt bad that the other 10 wouldn't get anything.


I'm going to do something for all of you!! 

Thank you for taking time to write about something you love. 
It was fun to read all or your entries.

I love YOU!!

I'm excited to get started on my gifts.

But, you will have to wait until I get feeling better.

If you left a comment on Sunday's post, please send me a quick message on Facebook with your address.

It's all about the LOVE!


Britney said...

Sorry you are sick!!

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