Sunday, February 19, 2012

Simply Sunday: I Love...This Too Shall Pass

I Love That This Too Shall Pass!

This is my mother's favorite saying!
I love it, but it also makes me want to punch someone!
Sometimes, I don't want to hear it. 
I want to just enjoy my pity-party for a moment.

But, I know she's right.


My heart is full as I write this post.
Sometimes life can be so hard. 
And right now life is really hard for some very special people I love.

It's so hard to sit by and watch people I love struggle.

They have been in my heart today and it has made me think about 
some of my own challenges that I have been through.

I believe that life is meant to be joyful.
I believe that there's happiness always within our reach.

But, I also know that life will be hard at times.
There's no escaping that.

Challenges and trials are never fun. 
Matter of fact they just down right STINK! 
They can weaken the strongest soul 
and darkest the brightest spirit. 

I've had some doozies, and I've had to figure out 
my own way of dealing with them. 
I will never claim to have dealt with all of my challenges perfectly. 

Matter of fact, none of them. 

But, I've had to deal with them in spite of 
my weaknesses and shortcomings.

I have been discouraged, lonely, heartbroken, afraid,
lacking answers and guidance, and frustrated.

At the time, those feelings have been very powerful and very real.
When I have struggled, I've always known I'm not alone,
but sometimes at the moment, it has sure felt like it.

I have wanted answers that didn't seem to come.
I have wanted to have a crystal ball to see
exactly HOW it would all magically work out.
And I have wanted to have those moments of
discouragement and despair just disappear.

But, just like any other normal person, those things typically don't happen.

Just like everyone else, I've had to struggle through dark moments.
And through my struggles, my faith has been tried and tested.

To me, faith is very real and hope is a must.

I was taught at a very young age that faith was absolutely necessary in this life. My parents taught me to trust in a loving Father in Heaven who knew me personally. They taught me that He was aware of my fears, my weaknesses and knew the things that were very important to me. And that He cared about those things. No matter how insignificant those things were, He still cared.

And I'm very thankful they taught me that.

Because THAT is how I've made it through every trial, 
every heartache and every challenge in my life.

I believe that!

I believe that this life will never be without heartache or challenges. And I believe that there's a purpose for that. I believe that when we go through these things, it makes us stronger. It refines us. It teaches us that we are capable of great things. I believe that our challenges keep us humble and they help remind us that we really do need help. I'm thankful for that too. Because I tend to try to do things on my own sometimes. And with just me running the show, it can get kind of scary!

I love the people in my life. 
I believe they are capable of great things.
They have great strength and faith.....especially when they don't feel like they do.

I love my brave friends.
I love them for enduring their challenges well.
I love them for their humility, for their strength, for their faith and for their goodness.

May you find the peace and strength that you need.

Until then, eat some chocolate. 
Have a good cry.
Punch your pillow hard.
And keep moving step at a time.


Stephanie said...

Thanks for such a great post. You are amazing!

The Richey Family said...

Just what I needed at the end of a long day. Thank you.

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