Friday, February 17, 2012

I Love...Charity's Smile

I Love This Smile!

This is Charity.

She is an absolute cutie-cutie.

I will do a whole post on her soon.

Every day I get to drive Charity to school.
And I LOVE our time together.

We do a lot of laughing on our way to school. 

When I drop Charity off, she always waves goodbye and smiles as she walks away.

And I wave and smile back.

Then, right before Charity gets to the door, 
she turns around one more time....
and waves and smiles again.

She does this every single day.
Without fail.

And today, when she did it,
I realized how very much I love this little routine of ours.

This is so true.

Charity's smile makes ME smile.

Oh, how I love her smile.


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