Monday, February 13, 2012

I Love...Chocolate


Need I say more?

I mean, COME ON! 

Tell me one woman whose existence on this earth does not require a healthy dose of chocolate?

I'm sure she's out there. But, it's not THIS girl!

I love this chocolate.

And I realllly love THIS chocolate. 
Just thinking about it has kick started the drooling.
HE also loves chocolate.


Sorry Noah!

I couldn't resist!

In our home chocolate means many things. 
To me, it means sanity, comfort and pure joy.
But, to some of my kids, it means something oh so very different.

The "Chocolate Talk"

When you have nine children, you get the wonderful blessing of having "THE TALK" many times. You always get a variety of "those" questions that require some private conversations. 
Big Daddy and I have gotten quite good at these "talks". 

Years ago, we were having one of these talks and decided chocolate would make it much more fun for all involved. We sat and chowed down on chocolate while talking about some tricky little things. 

Thus, the "Chocolate Talk" was born.

Our kids now know that if they have an uncomfortable question, all they have to do is say "I need a chocolate talk". It's become a fun way for our kids to approach us about things that would otherwise be really uncomfortable sometimes. 

Plus, we get to eat chocolate!

Everyone wins! 

Did I mention that I love chocolate?

Must go have some.


Stephanie said...

I was telling Peter about this idea and trying to remember the specifics of how you did it, but I guess it wasn't that complicated after all! I love it! We've got a few uncomfortable conversations on the horizon that I'm not really looking forward to! :)

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