Saturday, February 4, 2012

I Love...My Friend Cathy

I Love My Friend Cathy!

Now just take one good look at her face and tell me 
she's not absolutely beautiful.

The best thing about Cathy is that she's just as 
beautiful on the inside.
(her husband is equally wonderful)

Why Cathy out of all my amazing friends?

Because 11 years ago, I got a phone call about a darling little 15 month old baby girl who needed a family.

And that phone call happened because of Cathy.

Because Cathy thought of me, I became a mom.

My first miracle.

And I can't tell you how much I love her because of that. 

When people do things like that, it isn't just a normal feeling of gratitude that you have. It is almost a sacred feeling of overwhelming gratitude. It's hard to express. When I stop and think about being Keely's mom, I always think about Cathy.

And I'm always grateful.

Love is about thinking about others. It's about being aware of someone else and what is important to them, what is hurting them or what their struggles are. It's about reaching out and trying to make a difference. 

Cathy did that for me. 
She knew my heartache and my desire to be a mom. 

And she loved me enough to think about me 
when this sweet little baby needed a mom.

I love you Cathy.

I always will.


Cathy said...

Awwwww! That was so sweet! But someone needs to post s blog about YOU! You are amazing! When I was in the Stake YW, I clearly remember how I felt meeting you. You were one of the best Young Women's President I have ever be around. What I loved about you, is that you always had the spirit with you and you made every girl feel loved! No wonder when I heard about this sweet little baby , your name instantly popped into my mind! What a blessing it would be if you were her mommy! So glad everything worked out , cuz you are an amazing mom!!

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