Monday, February 6, 2012

I Love...Family Matters Board

The Blaylock Board

I told my sister that I would put a picture of this on here. 

What is it?'s a blurry picture...but it's so much more!

We have a lot of family discussions. And there are always things that we are working on to improve life in our home and to strengthen our family. 

This board hangs in our dining room

It's nothing fancy, crafty or even all that cute!
I got it at Walmart and I don't think I paid more than $15 for it.

But, I love it.

It works for us.

It's a reminder for us of what we are working on that month.

It pretty much started because I can't remember things from one day to the next. I have great intentions, but unless it's right there in front of my my little nosey-poo, I don't remember! So I needed a way to remember these things that were important to our family. We see it every time we sit down for a meal and we read it often.

I try to change it up every month. I try to give our family some new challenges to work on. I try to make it uplifting and motivating. And I try to keep it simple so no one feels overwhelmed.

I love walking by it and reading it and being reminded of all the wonderful little things we are focusing on.

It's just a simple thing.

But it helps.

It's one of my favorite things.

And I love it.


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