Friday, September 21, 2012

The Dentist.....Gone Horribly Wrong.

Many who know me, know how much I LOVE going to the dentist.


I. Hate. It.

I feel the anxiety building for days.

As a child, I had some rough experiences, and some bad zingers!
You know the ones.
The ones that shock you to your toes.
And then you cry.

Finally I learned the beauty of gas at the dentist office.
Such joy.
Such peaceful, wonderful joy.

Until the numbing medicine wore off and I got another zinger.

As I got older, I was told that I was metabolizing the numbing medicine too quickly.

So every time they lovingly numbed the spot, it ALWAYS wore off right in the middle of the drilling!

Well, recently I went to the dentist.

Being older and wiser, I asked my dentist to PLEASE make sure that he REALLY numbed it good.

I basically begged.

I asked him for the good stuff.
The REALLY good stuff that I KNEW he had.

This time, my amazing, wonderful and very gentle dentist told me he used the strongest stuff there was.

.... and ....


It still wore off.

He was shocked.
I was not amused.

So he got that bad-boy numbing stuff out again and I could tell he was REALLY saturating my poor gums with it.

Needless to say, it worked really well.

A little too well.

Complete paralysis on one side.

From the top of my head and down into my neck.
For hours.

MANY hours.


If you cover one half of my face at different times, you will see two very different emotions!
Pure joy.....and pure shock.
So funny...and a bit disturbing.


And if that's not entertaining enough, I've decided to swallow all my pride and attach a short video that Hannah took.
I really think the laughing gas or numbing stuff made me a little high or something.
Sorry it's sideways. :)

currently I LOVE my dentist.

LOVE him.

No zingers after my lovely numbing cocktail.
Not a single one.


kathy said...

It is good to hear your laugh again. You always had a special laugh.

Blair Moser said...

I LOVE my dentist too! ;)

Mom said...

This is truly one of the funniest videos I have ever seen. It makes me laugh just thinking about it. thank for sharing this. hahahahahaha

Kaley Baum said...

You have one hilarious blog post, Veronica! You can’t keep yourself still in the middle of drilling? Well, it’s really a hard thing to do. Ever. I remember the time when I had my filling—it was an earth-shattering experience! But that feeling did not last long. After that, I’m back to my normal self again. I’m so much relieved. It was heavenly. My cracked tooth was gone, and I can smile again with confidence!

Kaley Baum

Jamar Schaffer said...

The feeling the pain in the middle of dental extraction is a common scenario. But what's not common is to have a dentist who knows his thing so that you won't feel any pain! It seemed like he really knows how to handle his patients, eh? Anyway, your video was so hilarious!

Jamar Schaffer

Phoenix Dentist said...

Great selfie!!

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