Thursday, September 20, 2012

The Squirrel Catcher

So, I walked in the kitchen the other day...

and there sat Noah.

On the counter.

And then this conversation followed,

"Noah, what are you doing?"

"I'm watching my squirrel trap."


"I'm trying to catch a squirrel."


Then Noah very proudly points out the window.


Then he pointed out the fishing line that went from the trap, up through the kitchen his hands.

He was ready to pull that darn trap closed!

"...uh huh. I see."

"I've got an acorn under there!!"


"Good luck Noah!"

I have no idea how long he sat there.
At some point he put peanut butter out there as well.

Noah never caught his squirrel.
But, Noah is not one to be discouraged.

I have thought a lot about Noah and his squirrel catching episode.
There was no way anyone was going to convince Noah that his dream was not within reach.
He was determined that this was an absolute possibility.
And he had no problem being patient and waiting.

I do believe Noah will change the world.
He is a dreamer.
And he helps me to keep dreaming my own dreams.
He is a great example to me of believing in things that seem unattainable.

Such a delightful young man.
Such simple joys.
So easily entertained.

I love this kid.
And I love that he's a dreamer.


Britney said...

ha ha ha ha!!!

Mom said...

Instead of crocodile hunter, you have squirrel hunter. hahahaha. Noah is one of the greatest young men ever!! I love being around him, he has such a positive attitude and is always thinking, you can almost hear the wheels turning in his head. How I miss him. Give him a big hug for me.

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