Thursday, September 27, 2012

Girl Power!

I was listening to Keely and Charity laughing the other day.

And it was a great sound.

Sometimes I take it for granted that I have these two darling creatures living in my house.
They are at such a fun age and the thing I am most grateful for is that they really do love each other.

Being thrown together in the situation of a blended family
can be really challenging. 
There are issues that you can't prepare for because you've never
experienced it before.
And I firmly believe the ones who struggle the most are the kids.
(There's my little plug for working hard at your marriage.)

These two have had some ups and downs, but what I've realized lately is that those things have been a bonding force for them.

They know each other so well.
And they love each other.
They understand each other.

They have had to learn to be patient with each other.
They have had to learn to open up their lives to each other.

I will always be grateful for the way they
have chosen to love each other.

I have watched them create a very special friendship.
I have watched them lean on each other when they struggle.
I have watched them take a tough situation,
and make it a great one.

They have had to work at it, and it has been challenging
at times for both of them.
But, they have been a great example in our home of how to do that.

And I will always love them for that.

As I watch them together, as I listen to their funny inside jokes,
 and as I see evidence of how much they love each other,
I am very grateful.

These two girls bring me great joy.

Many times when I see them together, I feel like this...

Oh...the joys of life!


Britney said...

Awesome. They are such great girls.

And the picture at the bottom.......hilarious.

Mom said...

They really are very special young women. They share such a special bond, one that is inspiring. Such wonderful daughters of God. I love seeing them when they are acting all silly, it makes me laugh right along with them. I can't believe how grown up they are becoming. Kind of sad and exciting at the same time. Give them a big hug for me.

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