Tuesday, September 18, 2012


I've had many ask for updates on all my siblings.
I thought it would be fun to give you a sneak peak into all their lives.

They are my siblings, but they are also my best friends.

Shawna: 2 kids, living in Billings, Montana.
Was the COOLEST English teacher who ever lived, 
and now she works as the studio manager for Jana Graham Photography.
Getting ready to enjoy the wedding of one of her sons.

Michael Shane: 2 kids, living in Provo, Utah
Is an incredibly creative and doting father. His children are his life.
He is always fixing, building, or creating something.

Jason: 4 kids, living in Las Vegas, Nevada
Is a pilot in the Air Force and is still loving it!
He is a fantastic father and husband who remains completely smitten with his family.

Lori: 3 kids, living in Auburn, Washington
Is a flight attendant for Alaska Airlines and is a traveling girl.
Planning the wedding of her only girl...sweet little Ashley.

Britney: 5 kids, living in Provo, Utah
She is a crazy, talented mom. There is nothing she can't do.
She stays busy being supermom to 5 of the cutest kids you will ever know.

  Kathryn (Katie): 5 kids, living in Orting, Washington
She is more involved than most moms I know.
She is VERY involved in her kids schools and enjoys her job on the side as a wedding planner.

Stephanie: 5 kids, living in Kent, Washington
She is the editor for International Mosaic Down Syndrome Association's newsletter.
She also makes AMAZING cakes. You can see her work at cremedelacakes.blogspot.com.
She is also a very busy mom with a brand new darling baby.

Jenny (plus one more baby just last month!): 4 kids, living in Glen Allen, Virginia
She is an incredibly busy and amazing mom.
She graduated with a degree in psychology, so I use her as my personal counselor all the time.
hee hee hee...

Mallorie (Dr. Boo Boo): OB/GYN, living in Salt Lake City, Utah
Just started working in her first practice and is loving it.
She is good through and through and still waiting for Mr. Wonderful.
Know anyone special?
You can send them to this link.
All About Mallorie
...hee hee heeeee!

When I look at all of these pictures together,
it makes me incredibly happy to know they are all mine.


My mom FINALLY retired from daycare and now travels the country visiting all her grandchildren.
We literally fight over her. :)
My dad retired from the FAA...years ago.
But, couldn't stand it, so he started working again as a consultant.
(We're all secretly convinced that he works for the CIA, because none of us completely understand what he does exactly!) hahaha!
He's still working hard!
Happily married, still living in Auburn, Washington, happy grandparents to 39 grandchildren!


Kerri said...

Thanks for the update!! I have some of the fondest memories with your lovely family and they always will stay near to my heart!! Hugs, sweet Roni!

Cathy said...

You have a beautiful family!!!!

Mom said...

What great blessing you all are in our lives as your parents. A mother's dream is for her children to become better than her, and you have all achieved that goal. We are proud of each one of you and are strengthened and inspired by each of you daily. Thanks for putting this on here. I love this blog. It always uplifts me and makes me more grateful for all I have been given, as well as the blessings our family shares.

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