Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Masked Men

We love Superheroes in our home.

Especially Luke.
Anything with a mask or a costume...he loves.

He's been the master of the masks and costumes for a while now.


I went upstairs and to my wonder and surprise, I found...

these masked men.


There sat my three boys and two fantastic missionaries.

Sitting there.

Playing Monopoly Deal.

...in masks.

I know what you're thinking.
A little strange...


but mostly hilarious!

On a serious note, I love these missionaries.
I love that they are great young men.
I love that they are great examples to my boys.
And I love that they are doing something great with their lives.

Well, they are great too.
They are kind.
They are giving.
They are serious when they need to be.
And they completely love each other.

I love that all 5 of these masked men are confident.
I love that they are who they are...and they don't apologize for it.
I love that they can find joy in simple things.
And I love that they made me smile.

Walking into that bedroom will always be a great memory.


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