Tuesday, September 25, 2012

It's a Sassy Pants Kinda Day!


And I DO have my sassy pants on today!
Bring it on world!
Sometimes you just need to have that kind of day.

Speaking of sassy pants...
Around here, we call HER little Miss Sassy Pants.
I always ask her, "Well, Miss Lucy Lu-Lu...do you have your sassy pants on today?"
And she replies, "YES M'AM!"

You can see it...right?

She's hilarious.

Our little Lucy Lu-Lu has come at the very end of our crazy bunch. 
She is sassy, confident and absolutely sweet.
She keeps us laughing, and keeps us loving.

It's great to have a "sassy pants" kind of day,
but even better than that is having a 
funny "sassy pants" kind of girl.
She keeps life sassy. 
And in our home, she is a treasure to us all.

Get your own sassy pants on!


Britney said...

Oh yeah! She for sure has her sassy pants on. She cracks me up!!!!!

Stephanie Jones said...

I love it! Michaela always gets the knock name in our house. Except when she was "snappy butt" because she had these pants with pocket snaps that were always undone and would hit together when she'd bounce around. :)

Mom said...

I love this little girl!! She really has spunk, very necessary in this day. She and Bella would have a great time together, as well with the other granddaughters. I love this post. Thanks!!! Makes me want to give her a great big squeeze. And, I love her new haircut.

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