Saturday, March 31, 2012

April Fools' Day

Those who know me well, know that I can't resist a really good prank. It's in my blood. I understand it's a little twisted (evil laugh), but it really does make my heart happy.

My poor kids.

They are the best sports and make it fun. They can definitely hold their own, at my expense, so don't be feeling too sorry for them.

With April Fools' Day approaching tomorrow, I wanted to share some fun ideas that I have found on line.


To encourage you to be a tricky little prankster too, of course!


Until you've pulled a really good prank, you just can't appreciate where I'm coming from. So, here's your chance. Have some fun.

10 Kid-Friendly April Fools' Pranks: Really cute ideas, especially if you have younger kids.

More Kid-Friendly ideas.: There are even a couple for your big sweetie. Plus, it's, so it makes me feel like I'm a REALLY good mom for being a little prankster! :)

Turn the water blue and other fun ideas.: Martha Stewart has some fun ideas too!

33 Harmless Pesky Pranks: More really fun ideas. 

Here are some other really funny ideas.
April Fools' ideas for Parents: She's a feisty one with some twisted little ideas. 
And now for Big Daddy and all his counterparts.
(oh....those darn gut giggles)

Are you inspired yet?

And if that is not enough ideas for you, you can go to my board on Pinterest and find MANY more ideas.
You have all day to plan some new fun memories.

Happy April Fools'!
Now go plan your foolin'!


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