Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Lovely Little Things

OK! I'm really excited about my "little things" this week. (see previous post) My mind has been whirling with ideas of things that I can do for my kiddos, my friends and my family!

And it's making me so happy.

It has started me thinking about how easy it really is to show love and appreciation to others. It really doesn't take much time, and I believe that we are blessed more than anyone on the receiving end.

What can we do?
There are so many simple things.

For example, the other night I was sitting on the couch with all my cutie-cuties and Big Daddy enjoying a movie, and out of the blue Keely reached over and held my hand. It was a sweet gesture that spoke louder than any words she could have said.

Isn't she a little beauty?
YES! It's blurry....but you can still see her cute little face!
She's the one who never wants her picture taken, so I'll take what I can get.

Back to the topic at hand!

Need another example?
Someone at church gave me a hug, but attached to that hug were some very sweet and tender words. And my heart needed to hear those words. I felt loved and strengthened.
Another "little thing". And it only took a moment.

The other night Big Daddy sat down beside me, took my aching feet in his lap and gave them a great little massage. Something so small to him, but it was so big to me.

A sweet little old lady stopped to talk to Luke and Lucy the other day. She was so tender with them and we had such a wonderful little conversation. By the time we were done talking, I just wanted to hug her and bring her home with me. She was kind to my children.....and it didn't take any time at all.

Get the idea?
Do your own "little thing" today.
Don't put it off! Just think of something small.

Grab your child, hug them and tell them how much you love them.
Grown children? Give them a call.
Pinch your sweetie's tush and tell them they make you happy.
Write a note to tell someone how wonderful they are.

Woohooooooo! Let's have some fun!

Back to my whirling brain.

I've been thinking.....
that it's time for another GIVEAWAY!

I had so much fun on the last one, so I wanted to do another one. But, I wanted it to be a little different.  Here's what I have come up with.

I'm going to make this an ongoing GIVEAWAY.
I'll let you know when we're doing it, and all you have to do is take a minute and leave a comment.
These will be "LITTLE things"...but cute little things.
I'm keeping them a surprise though! I think that makes it more fun.

And who doesn't love a fun little gift every once in a while?

So, today to be entered to win a "Lovely Little Thing", take a minute and share a "little thing" that someone has done for you, that you have done for someone else, or some really fantastic idea that you're going to go do as soon as you get off this blog! :)

Let's all go make a big day for someone!

(Don't forget to leave a comment to be entered for the GIVEAWAY!)


olivia harris said...

This is fun... The other day the kids and I went to sonic. It was a day of a much needed strawberry limeade. As we were leaving, I see this older gentlemen pushing his cart who obviously was homeless. I gave him my limeade. It was small to me, but HUGE to my kids! I may not always have, but its such a blessing to be able to brighten someones day with a small gesture and even better when your kids learn to do for other people despite what they look like!

Crystal Bergman said...

This is fun and I love doing little things that make such a big difference. My neighbor just had her 3rd baby. Grandma was here from out of town and we had all spent a very sleepless night waiting for her arrival(I was sitting at their house with the older 2). She had asked for meals to start when her mom left but I knew how I felt from no sleep and decided to give them our dinner the day they came home. They were all so excited to not have to make dinner that I knew it was not my idea at all, but a followed prompting.

Miles said...

Church. It's challenging. Helping hands were in abundance last Sunday. From holding our newborn so I could handle the grumpy toddler to YOUR encouraging words to a shy (and stubborn!) sunbeam, I received so much help. I am so thankful for the small things that have made us feel so welcome in our new ward.

I think you are so amazing. You go over and beyond to make sure the people around you feel special. I've never met anyone so quick to say "i love you" or so quick to give a hug. You are so full of love... For everyone. You are the definition of charity. I have so much to learn from you.

Rebecca said...

I love your "Little Things" whatever they may be! I get stopped by elderly people and others all the time when I'm out shopping with the baby and/or girls. I always try to take the time to let them enjoy my little babies and take it as a reminder of how lucky I am that I get to take them home with me and enjoy them all the time! I'm trying really hard not to take this time of mothering little ones for granted. You're one of my greatest reminders and cheerleaders of that fact! Love you.

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