Tuesday, March 27, 2012

It's the little things...

I got the sweetest note in the mail this week. 

It's very personal so I won't share it, but it meant a great deal to me.

It wasn't anything huge or spectacular.
It was just a "little thing".

And I'm very touched that this special person took time to do a nice "little thing".
Her "little thing" was a big thing for me that day.

It was a wonderful reminder that we can all do "little things" and that we never know when those will be "big things" for someone else.

That got me thinking. 

Why not do some more "little things"?
We could all do them.

Little things are just that...they are little.
They are small, so they are easy to accomplish.

I love that.

So, I'm going to commit to do some "little things" this week. 

And I'm really excited.

Anyone want to join me?
Come on! 
You'll feel so happy!!
Make your plan!
Do your "little thing"!

Thank you, my sweet friend for the sweet note. You know who you are. I love you and thank you for sharing with me a piece of your heart.

Off to start on a "little thing".
Let the fun begin.


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