Sunday, March 11, 2012

Simply Sunday: Do Not Run Faster


Today I've been thinking about a lot of things. 
Lately we've had a lot of sick kids, crazy schedules, stressful "stuff", 
and life has just seemed a bit more out of balance on some days.

I even stopped taking time to post things on my blog to try to find some balance again.

I grew up in a home of 10 kids.
8 of those 10 kids were girls.
And 8 of those girls are over achievers.
We all have a struggle at times finding our balance.

And it's mainly because we all love to give.....and we all love to give the best we can.
And then after we give the best we can, we sit and kick ourselves for not giving more.


I have sisters who will read this and they will KNOW that I speak the truth! 

And then they will laugh.

There are some days when all that I want to give and all that I need to do, just isn't possible.
 And that can be discouraging.

I was sitting the other night, with 20 gazillion things that I needed to do...and wanted to do. But, then Lucy came up to me with her book and wanted to read it. I told her, "We'll read it in just a little bit", but she came back.....and then came back again. I stopped and looked at her and realized that nothing at that moment was more important than sitting down and reading a book to her. 

So, we sat and read, "Llama, Llama, Mad at Mama".

I don't want it be "Lucy, Lucy, Mad at Mama", so I'm grateful for the little reminder to re-prioritize what I was doing to make time for that which was most important.

I love this saying. 
To me it's a reminder that I need to have balance. 
I need to be patient with what I CAN do.....and patient with what I can't. 

On some days, what I have to give is an awful lot. And I can do great things. But, on the days when I can't do as much, I'm grateful to know that it's ok. That I'M ok. That what I have to give really is enough. And that even on those days, I can still do great things.

Reading to my Lucy was a great thing.
Sitting and having a conversation with Charity on my bed was a great thing.
Taking some time to go to the boy's room and talking to them about their day was a great thing.

The laundry didn't get finished, the kitchen floor was still sticky and my desk is STILL a mess.
But, what I COULD do, was enough.

And I'm grateful to know that.


Kay said...

But at least you came through on my daily project... emergency... whatever... ;) I know you're busy and all. But let's do remember... it's all about me! I love you super girl.

Veronica said...

HaHaHa! Oh, you are funny!! I love you too!!

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