Thursday, March 29, 2012

Mistaken Identity

My sweet Lucy.

My little Lucy Lu-Lu brings joy to my life in many ways and I am very grateful for the chance to see glimpses of the world through her eyes. She is full of wonder and excitement as she learns new things. I watch her as she sees the moon in the morning sky with the sun.....and then I see the wonder in her eyes as she tries to make sense of it. I see her learn about her own personal sense of humor and watch as she tries her sense of humor out on her family.....having her own little gut giggles. I see her watching people and learning to interact with them. She is a very warm and trusting little girl and she LOVES people. And she decides in her little mind who she loves, who she feels safe with and who will be planted in her heart.

That brings me to this post.

We have a very special friend named Ron Wade. He has been our bishop at church and our family loves him dearly. 

Lucy loves him.

Every time Lucy sees him, she says, "MOM, it's Jesus."

The first time, I was confused and asked Lucy, "Who?"

And she replied, "It's Jesus."

Every time Ron Wade sees us at church, he always comes and shakes our hands and says hi. And he always makes sure to do the same with each of our children. He's loving, he's kind, he smiles and then takes time to talk to them. 

Lucy has been taught about Jesus and she knows that He loves her. In Lucy's mind, she knows that Ron Wade loves her too.

I firmly believe that she feels something special when he is around. He is a godly man and I believe that she feels his goodness. No wonder she's confused.

In Lucy's sweet world, she is learning to recognize good people. She is learning that there is something special she feels when she is around them. I am proud of my little Lucy Lu-Lu. I'm so happy to know that she can sense goodness in people and that she is drawn to that. 

I hope it will always be so.


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