Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aidan...the coolest kid around!


I wanted to take a minute today and
introduce my amazing nephew Aidan.

He is the greatest kid.

He loves his family.
He loves to laugh.
He's very funny.

And he has Mosaic Down Syndrome.
If you're curious about it, you can read more about it here...

He has been a complete joy to our family since the day he was born.

Today is World Down Syndrome Day.
I know this post is very late, but I've thought about Aidan a lot today.

I've also thought about his amazing parents.

This my sister Stephanie.
She is as sweet and as good as she looks.

And this is Stephanie with her awesome husband Peter.
He's by far one of THE coolest guys I know.
He also has some mean dance moves!
(just a random fact)

Aidan is a very lucky boy to have them both.

He's darling.
And I love him so very much.

From day one he has made me laugh.
And then I want to just squish him.

I was talking to Stephanie about him today and how I've always felt something very special when I'm around Aidan.

As a mom, she doesn't see Aidan in any
different light than the rest of her kids.
I'm so proud of her as a mom.

She has worked hard to help him have a full and very happy life in a home where he is loved and encouraged to be the best he can.

He is  confident.
He is charming.
He is funny.
He is a cutie-patootie.

But, best of all.....
he's happy.

So, today, I love Aidan!
He's one of the coolest kids I know.
His parents have taught me by their example,
and he teaches me by his.

It's a blessing to have him in our lives.
Yes, he's just like the rest of his 36 cousins in many ways.
But, he will always have his own special little spot in my heart.

He reminds me that life can hand us challenges,
but life can be anything we make it.

Thank you Aidan!
I love you!


Britney said...

I love Aidan. He is seriously so great.

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