Saturday, March 24, 2012

Introducing Moses!

Well, his birthday week has come and gone, and I have not yet introduced him!

This is Moses!

I know I'm biased, but isn't he such a CUTIE-PATOOOOOOOTIE??!

He is so very special to me. It's wonderful to me to see how my relationships with each of our kids have developed and evolved. I have a different and very unique relationship with each one of them.

My relationship with Moses is something that is so important to me that it's hard to put into words.

Moses is 22 now and is attending college studying all the computer stuff that is so foreign to me. He's very intelligent and I have no doubt that he will do something really great with that fantastic brain of his.

Since he's in college, it's means he is no longer sleeping just upstairs every morning, nor is he sitting down with us on the couch at night watching tv and talking to us. 

And I miss that so much that it hurts.

How do I describe Moses?

Well, he has a very loving nature and is not afraid 
to show it (which I LOVE!).
He has a funny sense of humor and is always laughing.

He has always been willing to help.
He's my little Mr. Fix-it around the house and can just about get anything to work, or put anything together. 

He's also the oldest. 
Being the oldest in the family of 9 kids is a WHOLE OTHER subject, one which Moses would probably love to talk about! :)

But, he is the oldest, and has unfortunately been 
our little guinea pig in many ways. 
He has worked hard over the years to be patient with us as we've made mistakes and tried to figure out how to be better parents.
Thank you for being patient and forgiving Moses. 
We love you for that!!

Being the oldest has also put him in the position of being looked up to by his younger siblings. They hang on his every word, they talk his ears off and they follow him around like little ducklings. It's wonderful to see that they love him so much. But, I've realized that they love him, because he has loved them.

He talks to them, he teaches them, he laughs with them and wrestles with them. He has been a great brother to his siblings. They all miss him and get so excited when he comes home to visit.

How can you not think he's just absolutely wonderful?
Any guy who can love his siblings like that is very special in my book!

Moses was older when I got here, and had some big adjustments to make. But, Moses made a choice to open his heart and let me in. We have had so many great conversations, just the two of us. We share memories that are very special to me. Over the years Moses gave more than love. In many ways, I feel like he has taken care of me. I have felt protected, encouraged, strengthened and uplifted by Moses. On some days, he found ways to cheer me on and to let me know that he was aware of me. He has a special way of doing that. And it has made me love him so dearly. 

Moses is amazing.
I don't think he knows how amazing he is.
Pardon me while I tell him.

I think you are AMAZING! I love your girly giggle. I love the goodness that is anchored deep inside you. I love that you are working hard. I am so very thankful for you and for the influence you've had on my life. I've always felt extremely close to you and very safe with you. You are one I can talk to about anything, and I know you will just sit and listen. And I love that you have trusted me enough to talk to me about so many things over the years. Your ability to communicate is a great strength. It reminds me of Dad. Use that talent to bless the lives of others.

The thing I miss the most is being able to hug you every day. No one hugs me like you. You always seem to know when I need a hug...and then you don't let go. I can't tell you how much that has meant to me over the years. It has brought me peace, has calmed my fears, has given me a sense of reassurance that has been needed, and has made me feel very loved. 

I have always felt loved by you. And I have always loved you.
You really are amazing.

So, that's our sweet Moses.
We love him.
We miss him.

I miss him.

There's a huge void without him here.
But we are all so very proud of him, and are hoping for every good thing for him.

(Moses and my hilarious dad)

I love you Moses.
In some ways it's so sad that you grew up. But I know that's purely selfish of me! I am so very proud of you. where's my darn box of tissues again.


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