Monday, April 2, 2012

A Happy Heart: Lucy's Words

I was snuggling with Luke a couple of days ago, and out of the blue he said, "Mom, you make my heart happy." It was such a tender thing to say and I loved that he was trying to express the sweet feelings he was having for me at that moment. Then he said, "What makes your heart happy?"

I've been thinking a lot about that this weekend.

There are many things that make my heart happy.
Every day there are new things.

I love that about life.

I love that every day we can have moments, at some point, that make our hearts happy.

So, this month, I'm going to focus on what makes my heart happy.

Similar to things that I love, but different in some ways.

Today, Lucy's little words make my heart happy.
As a mom of little ones, there are many things that are said on a daily basis that melt my heart. These are little things that are easy to forget as they grow up and get older. That was one of the motivating factors in me starting a blog. I needed to find a way to remember them. I don't have time for major scrapbooking, and so this is my solution.  It's been fun to document some of the little daily things that have brought me so much joy.

Lucy is a toddler, so her speaking skills are still improving. She still mispronounces words, which I know I should correct more often, but I think it's darling to hear her say, "BUKE!" instead of Luke. She says "cancake" instead of pancake, "ganburger" instead of humburger, "Keety" instead of Keely, "Churty" instead of Charity, "Altimes" instead of Valentine's, but my favorite saying has to be this.....

I've been loved by many,
but I've only been "yubbed" by Lucy Lu-Lu.

I love being "yubbed" by her.
She makes my heart happy.


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