Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Happy Heart: Simply Sunday: A Voice of Warning

We have a big round driveway in front of our home. With a big family, it's great to have many options for parking, and different options for getting in and out. 

I typically park in the middle of the round driveway, right in front of my house.

But, yesterday I pulled straight in, and decided not to pull in front of the house because I was in the shade and was planning on leaving again shortly. So, I put it in park and got ready to get out. But, then I had a random thought, "just pull up the rest of the way." Without even thinking about it, I turned the car back on and pulled up in front of the house and went inside.

A couple minutes later, there was a loud noise. When I walked by the window, I saw it.

A HUGE branch had broken off a large tree and had fallen right where my van had been previously parked.

When I went outside, I realized how big the branch was. The trees that line our property on both sides are enormous. I love them because they give us some great shade, but when the limbs come down, it's no laughing matter.

And this branch was no exception. I realized that if I had not listened and moved my van, it would have been crunched.....REALLY CRUNCHED.

(the picture really doesn't do it justice)

I was immediately filled with gratitude for numerous things.

One, a voice of warning that came.
Two, my immediate response to listen to that voice without hesitation. I'm grateful that I was taught by really wonderful parents that I should always listen when I get thoughts like that.
And three, the knowledge that someone greater was aware of us and our needs.

I'm so thankful for that small whispering voice that came.
Having a van that isn't crunched.....well, that makes my heart REALLY happy!


Rebecca said...

Thanks for sharing such a great story! That's my usual parking spot! I might think twice before parking there now - haha.

Mom said...

Wow, what a story,I wish I had been there to see the look on your face. hahahaha, yes, that would have been a photo moment for sure. I love it when I respond to that still small voice and see such instant results. You rock!!

Veronica said...

I thought the same thing Rebecca!! It's so funny that you put that!

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