Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Happy Heart: Big Daddy defending his life

I know posts are more fun when there are pictures, but I just couldn't get a picture for this one!

Big Daddy is a lot of things. He's funny, he's tender-hearted, he's a hard worker, he's compassionate, and he's not afraid of handling tough icky things. He's a tough cookie. When I start worrying about the pressures of life, he always tells me, "Don't worry about it. I'll take care of it."

And somehow I always believe him. 

He's just wonderful.

One of my other favorite things about him?

He's easy to scare.
(evil, EVIL laugh)

Well, last night, as I went to bed, I headed for the bathroom to brush my teeth. But, alas, Big Daddy had beat me to it. 

So, I waited. 

But, I decided a sneak attack would be a fun way to wait.

HAHAHA! makes me happy just thinking about it again.

So, I waited.
When he opened the door, I said, 'boo'.

Not "BOO!!!!!" or "BOO!",

Just 'boo'.

And the best thing about Big Daddy is that is all it takes.

And he JUMPS, gets this WILD look on his face, his fist raises and he comes at me, LITERALLY ready to defend his life.


I wish I could paint a better mental picture of this. My new goal is to get a picture of this. It makes me laugh so hard. 

He's hilarious.

He makes me laugh.

And that makes my heart happy.


melissa maxfield said...

Okay, so now i know why my hubby enjoys being around your hubby ... they are equal reactors!! I first witnessed this exact phenomena as a newly wedded bride when I stepped out from behind a door in an effort at playfulness. I soon learned that you put yourself in jeopardy if ever you step out from a dark room or a closet, step out from around the corner, stand behind a door and quietly sidle up to them with innocent intentions (he,he). Yes, I see the picture in my mind. Thanks for the smiles!

Veronica said...

Oh, Melissa! That's hilarious! I didn't add that I also realize that my life is in jeopardy when I do it. So, I always duck!! HAHAHA! You make me laugh!

Britney said...

hee hee hee! I love it!

Mom said...

good to know, hahahaha

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