Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Happy Heart: Literally

There are many things that make my heart happy.
And this is not one of them.....or is it?

Being the mom of many kiddos means many great things. But, it also comes with some challenges. Any mom knows that "ME" time is limited and very tricky to come by. There are a million and one reasons I could give you to not have "ME" time. From the minute my feet hit the floor in the morning, those million and one reasons begin. 

But, being a 43 year old mom of many, also makes me realize that I really want to be around when these darling, crazy kids all start having kids of their own. I want my heart to be happy and healthy.

Unfortunately, I really don't enjoy the process.

Please tell me someone can relate.


Each morning, I think....."I need to exercise." 
And then the other half of my brain cheerfully says, "No you don't."

Then my brain shifts into "feed the beast" mode. 
And I want to eat......everything.

I'm fine when I'm not in exercise mode.
Then I don't want to eat breakfast.
But, when I'm in "you better be healthy or you will die" mode, I want to eat everything in sight.


And my battle begins.

The battle to keep my heart healthy and happy.

I watch Big Daddy do his P90X, and then I feel like a whimpy, out of shape mess.
So, I drag my resistant little heiny and get on the treadmill.
And the fun begins.

Surely, there's some inkling of an athlete in this body of mine.
Isn't there?


So I try to I fake it well.

so. true.

That is exactly what I feel.

The other day I was doin' my thang, and Lucy Lu-Lu started giggling. She said, "Mommy, you look funny." And I bet I did. This body was not given the gift of coordination and grace.

But, although I may not look like the sleek athlete that I'm sure is hiding in me, I'm doing it!

And THAT is a good thing!
And today, it makes my heart happy.


So, for any of you struggling to enjoy this whole "take time for you and exercise your heiny off" thing, I feel your every joint! HAHAHA! Seriously, I get it. I think we should just have a "those who don't enjoy the whole exercise thing and would rather just sit down and eat a big ol' piece of cake" group. For me, it's a battle I conquer a day at a time. I have some imperfect days, but the fact that I'm trying makes me feel really good.

Now, if I could only figure out how to really love it.

(a final UGH.)


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