Thursday, January 12, 2012

Thumbs Up!

by Lucy Lu-Lu (or Foofie) Blaylock

"Thumbs Up" is one of Lucy's favorite things. 
It is something that happens all the time...and has many meanings in Lucy's cute little world. 

I'll give you some examples:
  • (thumbs up) "Mom, I NO go nigh-night right now. K?" (another thumbs up with a confident nod)
  • Luke howls as Lucy reaches over and takes his precious sucker and immediately starts to drool all over it. After a stern look from mom, she give the thumbs up...and then waits to see if I think she's cute enough to let her keep it. Another semi-stern look with a touch of a smile and she hands it back to Luke, and then a last thumbs up to let me know she did the right thing.
  • Coming downstairs fully decked out in Luke's spiderman costume. Strikes her best superhero pose and wait for it...DOUBLE thumbs up with a facial expression that convinces you that she is not a superhero to mess with.

  • Daddy walks out the door to work and Lucy shuts the door. "I love daddy", she says. "You do?"  (thumbs up) Nods with a sweet gentle smile.
  • Gets to go to church after missing for a couple of weeks (which she has been so upset about). Buckled up in her carseat. HUGE grin. DOUBLE thumbs up!
  • Lucy whining about who knows what. "Lucy, can you stop whining please?" She gets a look on her face like someone just turned a light on in her mind..."Oh!" (the whining stops immediately)...she turns to me and smiles...a big thumbs up.

Why do I love "thumbs up" so much? Because this small, innocent gesture reminds me EVERY day, all throughout the day that we all have those "thumbs up" moments. Lucy's world is a very happy one and she finds happiness in the smallest things. In her way, she's expressing gratitude, contentment, and joy mixed with a huge dose of Lucy humor and mischief. In our home her "thumbs up" has been contagious. We all find ourselves giving her the "thumbs up" right back and we now jokingly do it with each other. She reminds me that it's the small and simple things that help us create homes filled with love. 

I have a "thumbs up" life and I'm grateful to Lucy for helping me to remember that.


Stephanie said...

So cute! Everyone needs more thumbs up moments!

Mom said...

I don't know if I can continue to read this, it makes me miss all of you soooo much, and it actually made me cry. But, that being said, thank you for doing this, it makes the miles seem further away, but also makes it more bearable.

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