Sunday, January 22, 2012

Simply Sunday: Best Day EVER!!

I'm learning that the simple things in life make me the happiest. The older I get, the more joy I find in life's simplicities. It takes very little to make me smile, to make me laugh or to make me love someone. For me, Sundays are one of those simple things. It feels so different than any other day of the week, and I love that. We get up, go to church and hunker down for the rest of the day as a family. We don't go anywhere or do anything fancy, we don't do a lot of things that we do on the other days of the week. And because of that it is the most special day of the week. It just feels different. It feels calmer and more peaceful and I feel like I get to recharge my batteries for the rest of the week. So, on Sundays I thought I would share some of the simple things that make me think, that make me grateful, that make me feel strengthened and that make me happy.

Best Day EVER!

Luke started a saying in our home when he was little. When anything good or exciting happened, he would shout,

"It's the best day EVER!"

It has now been passed on to Lucy who says,

"It's the best day EBBER!"
(combined with her "thumbs up" of course)

The other day I told Lucy that we had to go to the bank. She asked if she got a sucker. When I said, "yes",  she says,

"It's the best day EBBER!"

...all because of a sucker.

So, this has started me thinking. I have been paying attention to the things that make the two of them say this. It has been humbling to see life through the eyes of a child. They manage to find joy in the simplest of things. How awesome would life be if just going to the bank and getting a sucker made me feel THAT excited? Unless it's the yucky pink one...why do those taste so bitter? goal this week has been to find joy in the small things. I've tried to find something every day and here are my "best day EVER" moments.
  • I was sitting and talking to Big Daddy on the couch the other night, and he kept stopping and saying, "You are so beautiful!!". I don't remember any better moment in my day than that. Especially when you consider what I may look like at the end of a long day. :) I love him.
  • I walked into the boys room to wake them up and even though they are big teenage boys, they still look so young and innocent while they sleep. They are the best boys EVER! :)
  • Israel said the prayer at dinner and expressed gratitude for me. Such a small gesture, but it means everything to me. Little does he know that I am the one who is grateful for him.
  • Zach pulled Luke up on his lap and just wanted to hold him.  
  • Hearing the silence in my house first thing in the morning. For just a few moments I felt like everything in the world was perfect.
  • Had a good conversation with a good friend. It wasn't about anything important, but it really is one of those simple things that makes me so very happy.
  • Listening to Keely sing her little heart out to some teeny bopper song in her bedroom
  • Feeling reassured that what I have to give, really is good enough.
Simply put, this week has been filled with many thoughts of "It's the best day EVER!"


Stephanie said...

I hope you're writing all those things down in your gratitude journal! I still need to get myself one. Some great reminders! My "best day ever" moment was when I had the idea to use up some of our old stale tortillas for dessert by cutting them in wedges, flash frying them in oil, drizzling in honey and cinnamon sugar and topping with whipped cream. Mmmm, best dessert ever!

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