Monday, January 9, 2012

Finding Joy

So very true. I believe finding joy as a mom is a choice. It's tough to be a mom in the world today. Each day is filled with those moments where we have to choose. But, I have learned that each day is filled with wonderful moments that bring joy. I just have to make the choice to recognize them. Great joy is mine, even when it's hard.

My joy so far today...
  • Kids woke up happy...such a treat.
  • Everyone was on time...still seems like a miracle when we accomplish this!
  • Seeing Lucy with eyes half asleep, saying "I love you Mommy. I need to hold you."
  • The fresh hole in the wall from wrestling teenage boys is actually smaller than I imagined!
  • Boys walking in from early morning seminary and being so excited to see Luke and sweet that they love them the way they do.
  • Watched Keely and Charity interact this morning and felt so thankful that they have each other. 
  • The spilled milk and cereal only required TWO wipedowns! Success!
  • Hearing laughter in my home as two sets of little feet run around chasing each other.
  • The fit about sitting on the potty eventually subsided...thank goodness. 
  • A bit of heartache while missing my college kids, but so happy they are where they are...doing what they are doing. So proud of them.
  • Found a long lost little shoe. It no longer fits, but I did find it! 
It really is about the simple things...


The Richey Family said...

I need to take the time to remember the small and simple things. They really can change the day. I love how you think!

Rebecca said...

Yay - I'm so excited you started a blog. You know I think the world of you and your wonderful, amazing attitude toward motherhood, children, marriage, the gospel, etc, etc. How fun it will be to have glimpses into your crazy mind! Ha, ha. Love you!

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