Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Back Tickling Bargain Hunter

The Back Tickle...

This is Noah.

Noah loves me.

Noah also knows me very well.

Noah knows that a back tickle can do magical things.


Noah has become our back tickle bargain hunter. He is the master of it. See the photo? Become familiar with his expression. When Noah wants something...he walks up to me with that expression.

And he'll ask...

"Can I have another cookie?"
 (even though he's already had half a dozen)

"No, Noah."

(Now...please refer back to the photo.)

"What if I give you a back tickle?"



And Noah wins again! It really isn't quite fair the power he has over my ability to say yes or no.

He knows it...and he thoroughly enjoys it.

Why does it work so well?

Because he gives the BEST back tickles ever.

...end of story.


Stephanie said...

Hmm, I need a back tickle bargainer in my house. Love the picture!

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