Sunday, January 8, 2012

Introducing Big Daddy!

Just looking at this picture makes me happy. I truly am a very lucky girl. He's everything to me and I love him beyond words.'s my introduction of my sweet, hilariously funny, incredibly charming and amazing husband Ricky, otherwise known as Big Daddy.

Almost 8 years ago I went through a very painful divorce. It was the hardest thing I've ever been through. It made me question everything in relationships and I worried that it would change my ability to trust in someone loving me. I didn't want those struggles, but I guess it's just part of the territory. After a very lonely period of time, I made the crazy decision to get on the internet. I guess I just wanted some hope that there were still some good men out there. Being alone the rest of my life just didn't sound like a lot of fun!  I came across Big Daddy's profile and decided to say hi. That started it all. Seven weeks later, I was on a plane with my cute little daughter flying to Tennessee and we were married. CRAZY! We still laugh about it. But, I believe that there were too many little hearts on the line that needed stability, so we were just pushed quickly along.

He's a good ol' southern boy!

Big Daddy is a Tennessee southern boy, through and through. He loves turnip greens (YUCK!), leaves 3 black eyed peas on his plate on New Year's Day, knows how to work hard, loves his momma's cookin' (and so do I!), does the farmer's nose blow (I won't elaborate, but it's gross), has rock solid integrity and says it how it is. He's a wonderful father. He loves his kids and puts them first. He teaches them to be honest, to work and to not use the trials in life to become excuses. He expects them to behave and is a southern dad who's not afraid to be tough. Last, but not least, I think he's got the cutest little southern accent!

He's the BEST!

The best part about being married to him is what he has done for me. It's been helpful to be married to someone who went through the same heartache. He has understood all the little quirky things that come with divorce. He has single-handedly rebuilt my confidence, made life feel very safe again, and makes me feel like the most beautiful woman in the world. He has healed my broken heart. I have never felt more loved or cherished. He has been my miracle, in more ways than one.


He makes me laugh like no other. When you tickle him, he giggles like a girl, he even howls if you get him good enough! Makes me laugh just thinking about it. He has these funny dances that he does. Don't ask me to describe would be impossible. But, take my word for it, they would make you laugh every single time. He's gullible. He swears he's not...but he really is. I get him all the time. Most recently I had brought a baby home in a carrier (I was watching him for a bit) and told him I just found this baby in the parking lot. It only took a couple minutes to convince him and the worry and fret started to show. I know! It's mean! But, it makes me laugh so I can't stop! I promise, I didn't let it go on for very long. He has a very quick wit and there has not been one day since I've met him where I have not laughed. That alone is a great gift to give to your spouse! It makes life much more fun!

He's like my DAD!

He loves to build things and work with his hands and can fix anything, which is so WONDERFUL when you have a home with this many kids. Something is always breaking, needing repaired or getting worn out. He's great at math (THANK GOODNESS) and is the math homework specialist. Growing up I was always amazed that we could ask my dad ANY question, and somehow he always knew the answer. And Ricky is the same. It's like living with a walking encyclopedia. He isn't afraid to show his emotions (which I think is incredibly manly). He loves order and loves having a clean house. And he's not afraid to help to keep it that way. Most of the time when I'm cooking (if he's home), he is grabbing the dirty dishes and pans and cleaning them just as quickly as I'm done using them. He works hard in our home to keep it nice, and loves to work with his kids. I didn't think I'd find anyone like my dad, but instead I married his little mini-me.

He loves Heavenly Father!

This has been the most important thing to me. He loves his Father in Heaven and tries every day to do what's right. He is a godly man who understands the meaning of loyalty, integrity and virtue. He takes his role in our home and family very seriously and that has made me respect him more than I can say. He loves to pray with me...and for me. He also knows and understands the scriptures inside and out, which is so much fun. He loves to serve and is always willing to help when there's a need. I told you I was a lucky girl!

Well, that's my sweetie in a nutshell. There are a million and one more things I could say about him. Most important is that I love him, he loves me, and we work every day to make this crazy thing called marriage work.

He's Big Daddy...and he's all mine! :)


Mom said...

Oh, my goodness. I love this blog!!! I love this man!!! One of my greatest joys in life is visiting you and your family. Ricky is wonderful, he is my friend, I feel safe talking to him about ANYTHING!! You are a very blessed woman, and you deserve every single blessing. I always suspected that you would have a large family. Why? Because you loved your family so much and were so sweet with your siblings. I am proud of the woman you have become, and the mother you are to your children. I love you, Mom PS, You crack me up!!!@ Love the post about Mallorie. hahahahaha Yes, you are so in trouble, but only after she stops laughing. lolol

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