Sunday, January 29, 2012

Simply Sunday: All is Well

All is Well

Again, a wonderful Sunday!
 I can't tell you how happy Sunday's make me.

So...onto sharing something that makes me feel stronger, reassured and more at peace.

We all have those sayings in life that click in our minds and in our hearts and just plain work.

This is one of my favorites.

How can you argue with that?

Life can just be plain hard sometimes. There are always things that cause pain, stress, frustrations and worry. And the yucky part is, many times we have no control over those things (unless you have superhero powers...which I don't). We are all going to have them. And when those struggles come, MAN can they be hard! For me, that is where the saying "All is Well" comes in. It's a reminder that even though things are hard, eventually it does get better. It's a reminder that challenges aren't necessarily bad things. It's a reminder that even when I don't see the answer or solution, I know that at some point I will. And it's a reminder that even when things are hard...REALLY hard, things can still be good. I can still find peace and I can still believe in something better.

I added the just breathe part, because quite frankly there are days when that is what it takes. Just breathe. Just move forward one step at a time. Sometimes we don't have the answers and feel like we don't have the strength. On those days we are required to trust and believe...then take a big breath...and keep living life.

Keely once asked me why I always said this. And I told her because it helps me to rise above my fear and discouragement. Sometimes I just need to be able to believe that everything really is ok...or at least it will be. I want my kids to believe that.

When I remind myself of this saying, I somehow feel peace. I feel stronger. And I feel like all really will be well. Even if I don't understand how.

I love sayings like that.

All really is well.
That I know.


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