Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Other Half of My Brain

Today I'm feeling very grateful for the other half of my brain.
The half that works really well on a regular basis.

Unfortunately it isn't in my head.....
it's in hers.

Meet my friend Tricia.
She really is the functioning part of my brain and today I'm very grateful for her.

There are many days when I feel like this.

Come on, mothers. 
You know it's true!

Tricia knows me well enough to know this.

So on a regular basis, Tricia saves me.

I will get a text reminding me of field trips, reminders to set my clock back, reminders that school is out, reminders about meetings, activities at the school, church meetings, reminders on great deals that I forgot about 2 minutes after the FIRST time she told me, reminders to put my laundry in the dryer, and even reminders about what my plans for the day are.....because she knows I've already forgotten.

I'll get reminders to get dressed, to brush my teeth, and 
to.....just kidding.
There ARE SOME things I can manage to remember on my own.
I do have HALF a brain, remember?

Tricia really is my lifesaver.
I don't think I could survive without her.

When she thinks about me, I'm sure there are many times when she feels like this:

But she always treats me like this:


Oh.....the GLORIOUS GUT GIGGLE begins as it sinks in how much trouble I'm in.
(TRICIA: Just remember that it's a COMPLIMENT!)

hee hee hee

I'm thankful to have a friend like her. 
I'm grateful for her never-ending patience.
I'm grateful for the fact that she loves me so much, that she WANTS to help me succeed.

We all need friends like Tricia.

For all you overwhelmed and forgetful mothers,
I would share her with you if I could.

But, I'm just too selfish. 
hee hee hee

Thank you Tricia.

Thank you for loving me.
Thank you for helping me.
Thank you for encouraging me and for cheering me on.

Today, my heart is full of gratitude for you.

I love you.


Rebecca said...

Love you both! Those photos are hilarious!

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