Thursday, November 8, 2012

I Prefer to Laugh

I'm grateful today for laughter.

I really am.

It's a magical thing me, and there's nothing quite like it.

Let's not kid anybody.....
raising a family is stressful.

It's hard. It's chaotic at times. It's full of concerns and worries.
And then you add 9 kids to the mix and it's magnified in ways that I can't quite describe.

Granted, Moses and Hannah are off on their own, but in some ways it doesn't matter.
We still worry about them.
And we still want their lives to be wonderful.

I don't want to ever give anyone the idea that life
is perfect and easy for us.
It's the same as any other family.
My kids aren't perfect.
And their parents aren't perfect.

But, we have figured out that when we can laugh in our home, 
the stress, the worry, and the chaos seems to diminish.

Laughter is a magical thing in our home.
It has a way of making everything seem right.
It reminds us that life is joyful, even when it's hard.
It helps unite us and erases bad feelings.

It really is magical.

The other night we had a "funk" going on in our home. 
I think it was the end of a long day.
Kids were tired.
Some were stressed.
And we were all kind of feeling blah.

Then I got my little camera out,
and the fun began.

And so did the laughter.

.....mostly my laughter, but it's laughter still the same.


I couldn't help it.

And remember when I said that my kids put up with me?

Well, they really do.

I love my family.
I love that they make me laugh.
I love that they laugh with me.
And I even love that they laugh AT me.

We all have things that weigh heavily on us.
We all have issues that cause concern, stress and worry.

Regardless of the cause of the stress or worry,
let's not forget to laugh.

My Kindness of the Day?

A friend who listened.
Then laughed at me.

Best combination in a friend.


Britney said...

Those photos are hilarious!

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