Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Treasures

My post today is a combination of what I'm grateful for
AND the kindness of the day.
Keep reading and you'll see why.

I'm a big treasure girl.

EVERYTHING is a treasure.
It makes Big Daddy crazy.....but that's a whole different post.

I have boxes of these "treasures" that I've collected over the years.
I have little notes that were passed back and forth with friends in elementary school.
I have every report card.
I have every card.....of every kind.....that anyone has ever given me.
I've got badges, pins, ribbons, etc.
You get the idea.
LOTS of little treasures.
(I think I've whittled it down to three boxes, so I'm making progress.)

Well, among my treasures is an old notebook from when I was growing up. In it is a collection of my favorite poems, scriptures, quotes and inspirational thoughts.
When I was younger, I would just sit on my bed and read them.

They strengthened me, gave me courage, helped me to forgive and motivated me to be better.
I love that old notebook full of words.

That brings me to another favorite treasure.

Years ago when I went through my divorce, I went to visit my brother Jason and sister-in-law Angie.


I meant to add this photo.
(hee hee hee)

To them, it was probably just another person visiting, but to me, it was a critical visit at a time when I really needed them. At one point Angie (who I love more than I could ever tell you and who I think is the most super cool girl in the whole wide world), pulled out a spiral notebook. She explained that we were going to decorate it.

Inside this notebook were some quotes that Angie had so thoughtfully already written. She told me that my notebook was a place for me to write down things that would help me to have faith, things that would give me hope, and things that would strengthen me. So, we sat and I decorated my little notebook. I think I probably cried through the whole thing, but I got it done!

The quotes in my notebook have meant a great deal to me
over the years.
I have added my own favorites as well.

I want to share a few of the quotes Angie put in there for me.

and this beauty.....

I love these words.
Over the years they have become treasures to me.

So, today I'm grateful for a couple of things.

One, for my adorable sister-in-law, for always having a gentle heart. 
She has been my strength over the years in ways 
that she'll never know.
I'm grateful that she thought about what I needed at a very difficult time,

I'm grateful for my notebook.
I'm grateful for the strength it has given me, but I'm also grateful for the love that was behind it.
When I open and read it, it brings feelings of hope and strength.
Some of those feelings are there because I had to fight so hard to have them at a time when it was so hard to do so.

And I'm grateful for the WORDS in my treasured notebook.
I'm grateful for the power of words when they are used to uplift, motivate and strengthen.
I'm grateful for the inspiration of so many, and for their willingness to share their thoughts and words with the rest of us. 

We really do have the power to strengthen each other.

So, thank you Angie.

I don't know if I've ever told you how grateful I am for 
my little notebook.
And I don't know if you will ever know what a strength 
it has been to me.

Among all my treasures, you are one of my favorites.


Britney said...

I've never heard that story. Very sweet.

Mom said...

I love this story, and I love your book!! It is funny how words can strengthen us or pull us down. What an incredible difference they can make in our lives for good or bad. I shed a few tears as I read this and gave out a little chuckly at the first picture of Jason and Angie. hahahaha She is a rea keeper. What a great addition to our family, can you imagine if they lived right by the two of you, Angie and Ricky would have so much fun together. hahaha

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