Wednesday, November 14, 2012

It's a Pickle Kind of Day

Did you know that it's National Pickle Day?


It really is.

And tomorrow is National Clean Your Refrigerator Out Day.

I think we'll celebrate today.....and not tomorrow.


We are a pickle loving home.

You will always find them in our fridge.
And you will always find a back-up jar in the cupboard.

Lucy Lu-Lu can eat a whole jar by herself if you don't watch her.

.....just sayin'

So, HOW in the world do I tie pickles in with gratitude?

Well, because of TRADITIONS.

We are also a home of many traditions.

We love them.
So we make everything a tradition that we can.

"You didn't like anything in your lunch?!?"
"Well, let's make today the Blaylock Crummy Lunch Day!"
"Let's make sure we have crummy lunches on this day every year!"
Loud cheering from the kids.
Hoots and Hollers!
Yippees and Yahoos!!

You get it.
We love traditions.

(And no, we don't have a Crummy Lunch Day tradition)

Well, this year, we are starting the.....


I'm so excited!

For all I know, many of you cute moms are already doing this.

It's an old tradition called "The Christmas Pickle".
You decorate your pretty little tree, and then you hide 
the pickle ornament.

The first child to find the ornament gets a gift.
I'm going to make the winner's gift green.

Why not? 

And I think I will hide my pickle ornament on Christmas Eve.
Then Christmas Morning has another fun element for the kids.

Today I'm grateful for traditions.
I'm grateful for a mom who gave us so many fun traditions to pass down to our kids.
They have made our life together a lot of fun, and I hope they will continue to be passed on for many generations.

My Kindness of the Day?

My sweet sister Britney called to tell me they had 
at the Dollar Tree.

I bought mine.
Go buy yours.

Thank you Britney!
I'm excited for our new tradition.


Miles said...

So fun! We do this every year, too! It's a race to find the pickle to win the "pickle prize!!" Drew has won every year but last when Madi did. SO.MUCH.FUN.

Veronica said...

It does NOT surprise me that you are already doing this Rebekah! :) You are such a good little mama.

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