Monday, November 19, 2012

Happy Anniversary Big Daddy!

Well, today is my anniversary, so it's only fitting to express my love and gratitude for Big Daddy.

It's been SEVEN years!

It's gone so fast, yet it feels like I've always been with him.

We talk all the time about how strange it is to be as old as we are, 
and yet we've only been married for seven years. 

For those who don't know, we met online. 
It's not something I would recommend for everyone, but we were lucky enough to have it be a great experience.

How else was I going to find my Southern sweetie?

I remember the first time we started 
communicating with each other.
I almost knew IMMEDIATELY that I was going to marry him.
I know that probably sounds CRAZY, one ever said I was normal.
And NO ONE EVER said Big Daddy was normal.
So CRAZY works for us.

We started talking, and I knew he was something special.

I could feel it.
I felt a sense of peace that I hadn't felt for a long time.
I felt a reassurance that I would have happiness again.
And I felt great hope that I might actually find someone who would love me and who would help heal wounds that had been so painful.

It was a crazy whirlwind of events and we
were married 7 weeks later.
I still look back on it and think, "WE WERE CRAZY!!"
But, I'm so thankful that we were both willing to take a leap of faith.

Especially Ricky.
He was a single dad with 6 kids and he took it very seriously.

When we made the decision to get married, I remember thinking, "Thank you Ricky."
There are a few moments in life when I have felt
that kind of gratitude.
It was a feeling I'll never forget.
I was so grateful for the chance to share my life with him.
I was so grateful for the chance to have him be a part of Keely's life.
And I was so grateful that he was willing to trust me enough to be a part of the lives of him and his children.

I will always be grateful for that.

I will always be grateful for him.

He has loved me.
He has helped heal my heart.
He has been patient as I have tried to figure out 
how to be a mom of so many.
He has helped me to be a better person and encourages 
me always to be my best.
He is always willing to see me in the best light.

It's wonderful to be married to someone like that.
It's hard to feel bad about yourself when you have someone who lifts you up and encourages you every day.

So this is for you Ricky.

Thank you.

Thank you for doing the dishes.
Thank you for cleaning the truck for our dates, just because you want it to feel special.
Thank you for letting me warm my cold feet on you.
Thank you for the funny little dance you do.....and for the way it makes me laugh.
Thank you for changing my oil, fixing the toilet, repainting the house, building the coolest bunk beds and for making my waffles extra cripsy.

Thank you for giving me the chance to share my life with 9 amazing children, who are my whole world.
Thank you for the consistent example of someone who takes the higher road and does the right thing, even though many times it's the harder choice.
Thank you for loving me. All of me...flaws and all.
Thank you for loving my Keely and for making her your own.
Thank you for being someone I can trust and admire.
Thank you for making me laugh...and for letting me cry when I need to.

Simply put, thank you for who you are. 

You are the reason for my happiness.

Happy Anniversary.

My Kindness of the Day?

Big Daddy took me camping this weekend for our anniversary. 
And these two sweet friends came with us.

What's kind about this?
Well, this is only the SECOND time my sweet friend 
has EVER been camping.
I think it's safe to say it's not her favorite thing.
And then there's also the fact that is was freezing!
But, she came any way and I'm so glad she did.

Such good friends.
Such good times.


Britney said...

Awesome. Happy Anniversary! You are well suited for each other and meant to be together. We love you!

Mom said...

Oh, this was sooo sweet, I can't see what I am typing now. I, too, and so thankful for Ricky. He is one of my very best friends. He is a keeper, you are both better because of each other. What a blessing. Love you both.

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