Sunday, November 11, 2012

Simply Sunday: A Happy Spirit, my friend Amy.

Today I'm grateful for my new friend Amy.

Just look at her cute face.
How can you not completely love her already?

Why Amy?
Well.....SO MANY reasons, but most of them are 
personal to the two of us.

But, I will do my best to share some of my reasoning with you.

I haven't known Amy that long. 
 In fact, really just a very short time.
But, I love her so dearly already.
I feel like Amy knows my heart
And I feel like I know hers.

Because our sweet friendship is new, there are many things I don't know about Amy. 
But this one thing I know for certain.....

Amy has a happy spirit.

She really does.

She has gone through a challenge lately that has been a bit tricky.
And yet, she remains happy.
She chooses to look at all the great things in her life.
And in doing so, she hangs on to her happy spirit.

I love that about my sweet Amy.

Because she's like that, it makes her so easy to be around. 
It's contagious and it makes me want to follow her lead.


 Today, I'm grateful for Amy.
I'm grateful for her goodness.
I'm grateful for her example.
I'm grateful for this sweet new friendship.
And I'm very grateful for her happy spirit.

We would all be better to follow her lead and be happy in spite of the challenges of life.

I love you Amy-girl.

My Kindness for Today?
A week ago, we had a craft day at the church.
I was busy teaching a class, so didn't have the chance to do some of the things I signed up for. 

Well, meet Sarah, my other cute new friend.

Her and another friend Ava (no picture) decided to do my craft for me.

They had other classes to go to, but instead they sat and made these for me.
And they made them SO CUTE!
I will always cherish these little homemade trivets because they were made with love.

I'm so grateful to have such happy and loving people in my life.

Thank you, my new sweet friends.


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