Wednesday, November 7, 2012

The Great November Pumpkins

There's not a day that goes by when I'm not grateful to be a mother.
It didn't come about in the way I imagined, but I'm so thankful for how it has all turned out.

I get up every day and I'm surrounded by the greatest kids.
I know all you mom's out there would argue with me, but I think mine are really special.
They are the coolest kids around.

There are many things I love about my kids, but one of the greatest things is that they put up with me.
They tolerate my crazy ways.
They look past my flaws.
And they have really learned to go with the flow.

They know that I can't remember anything from 
one minute to the next.
Instead of being frustrated with me, they come up with funny ways to remind me.

They know that I am almost deaf.
Instead of speaking louder, they totally mess with my head and make me laugh on a regular basis.

They know that my head spins on a daily basis as I try to keep up with all of them.
Instead of being annoyed, they step in to help without asking.

They know that if they poke just the right spot on my back, 
that I'll groan.
Instead of doing that, they......
well, they poke me all the time.


My kids know they don't have a perfect mom,
but they never make me feel like that.

Today I'm grateful for that.

My Kindness for Today?

My kids tolerance.

Halloween came and went. And for the first time EVER, we couldn't seem to find a time to carve our pumpkins. 
They have been sitting on our front porch for over three weeks. 
Two molded and died, and I even went and bought replacement ones!

Well, yesterday, I thought, "Why not carve our pumpkins?"
So, we did just that.
Not one child complained about the lack of pumpkin carving.
Not one child has made me feel bad.

Instead, they were excited and weren't even phased by the fact that we were carving their Halloween pumpkins on November 6th!

One even made a Thanksgiving pumpkin.




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