Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Happy Heart: Get Well

I had all sorts of plans for blog posts in February!

I have so many things that make my heart happy.

But, right now, I have this.....

And I know I'm not the only mom out there who has sick kids.

I love my kids.
But, I don't love it when they are sick.

The great thing about my kids is that they really are easy when they don't feel good.
But, easy or not, it starts to take a toll on everyone.

It's hard to be a momma of sick little munchkins.

But, in those moments, it's still easy to find things to be thankful for.

I was snuggling with Luke and Lucy this morning, as they both 
sounded like they were going to cough up a lung. 

After a bad coughing spell, I turned to look at them both.
And I realized how grateful I was at that moment for kids 
who are sick, but who I KNOW are going to get better. 
They will get rid of this little bug and will be off and running, living full and happy lives.

I know there are many mother's out there who sit by their sick children, knowing they won't get better.
My thoughts went to them this morning and I found myself saying a silent prayer for those brave mom's. The mom's I don't know, but I know they are out there.

I then found myself feeling very grateful for my sick little munchkins.
Grateful that they will get better.
Grateful that this will be short lived.
Yet, that gratitude is mixed with tender thoughts of so many others less fortunate than I.

It has made me want to snuggle them a little tighter.

Today, although my kids are sick, they really are healthy.

And today, that makes my heart happy.


twilsonjeter said...

ok. I needed that. thank you for putting me back in perspective. I, of all people, need to be grateful to be up all night with a monkey. because that means I have a monkey. and like you said, a monkey that will get better and will eventually sleep again, and so will I. love you!

Veronica said...

I love you too. And I love that monkey of yours!!

Mom said...

So, true, thank Heaven for challenges, especially those that turn into blessings. Perspective in powerful. Thank you!! My heart goes out to those mothers who struggle in whatever way. It is not an easy task under the best of circumstances, just worth it .

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