Sunday, January 20, 2013

Simply Sunday: Everything Changes

Big Daddy quietly got up this morning, shut the bedroom door and let me sleep.

Such a sweet and thoughtful gesture.
(Have I mentioned how much I love this man?)

I woke up at one point and was thinking about my life.

In some ways I feel like I've lived two completely different lives.
I wonder if this is common for those who have been through a divorce.

I laid there and thought about this for a while.

It's so strange that the people I love so dearly here in Tennessee know NOTHING of my life in Seattle.
They just know the Veronica who lives here now.

I had a completely different life.

Not that it's's just very strange to think about.

Day by day, it has all come together, but when I stop and look back on my life, I think, "wow".

I'm sure this is the case for all of us, regardless of our circumstances. 
Life is ever-changing.
It never turns out being the way we imagined when we were little.

I've learned that there's great joy available for us all when those 'changes' in life occur.
And I'm so grateful for that. 
It makes it easier to not be afraid of change.
It makes it easier to allow life to be WHATEVER it's going to be.

In spite of how different my life is than what I thought it would be,
it's an incredibly rich and happy life.

It's MY life.

And I LOVE it.


Mom said...

What a beautiful way to put it. It is all so true. It is probably a good thing that we can't predict or choose all the different courses in our life, we would miss out on many grand adventures and oh so many blessings.

Veronica said...

You are so right Mom. I love you.

Ginger said...

Hi! Just letting you know that I featured your catching some kindness jar that you had shared on Oh So She Says over on my blog today. :) Super cute idea! I loved it.

Ginger @

Veronica said...

Thanks Ginger!! I just went to your blog and it's darling! :) Thanks for sharing!

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