Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A Happy Start


I've had many things go through my mind as I've taken a look back at the year 2012.
Many thoughts are happy ones.
We've had some wonderful, happy moments, for which I am very grateful.
But, we also had some challenging ones as well.

I assume that's the case for us all.

No one has a perfect life, 
but we all can have happy ones.

I always feel a bit of sadness as I close out the year. 
I think it's because I typically feel like I gain so much as I go through each year. 
Each experience enriches our lives and regardless of whether it's good or bad, I believe we have a choice to be better because of it.

As I was snuggling with my kids, reading one of our favorite books, we came across this poem.

And I realized how true this was.
Endings typically ARE sad.
2012 was a very happy year, for many reasons, so I am feeling a bit sad that we're at the end.

But when I stop and think about why the beginning of a new year is so exciting, the sadness doesn't stick around for long.
The possibility of a happy start REALLY is there.
It's a fresh start and I always feel reenergized.
It's a clean slate and much of what it will be is up to me.

So, I am excited for a new year.
I'm excited at the possibilities that lie ahead.
And I'm excited to see what my "happy middle" will be.

Today, 2013 feels like a very HAPPY start.


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